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Literature- Prose Literature- Poetry
World Literature Web Resources dmoz.org- Links to Poetry Resources
dmoz.org- Links to Literature Resources
Who Said That? Where is that From?
A Guide to Quotations, Literature & the Arts
Bartelby.com - Bartlett's Familiar Quotes & Other Reference Books Online Ask Oxford (from the Dictioanry People)
Words, Quotes & A Guide to Cryptic/Crossword Puzzle Words
Brainy Quotes - By Topic & Author * Warning Pop-ups Shakespeare Online
Quotes & Sayings Database * Warning Pop-ups Guide to Samuel Johnson's Quotes
The Quotations Page  * Warning Pop-ups Scientific Quotes
Qutoes About....   * Warning Pop-ups Famous Literary Quotes
Classics & Antiquities

Cambridge University - Links to Classics Sites
Ancient History from About.com
The Internet Classics Archive from MIT
The Ancient World Web
Electronic Resources for The Classicists
Perseus Digital Library (Home) & Greek & Roman Materials
Ancient Greek Sites on The Web
Archaeology on the Web
Forum Romanum City Maps of Ancient Athens & Rome
External Gateway to Classics Resources on Web Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Greek Mythology- "from the Iliad to Fall of the Last Tyrant"
Eygptology Resources
Bulfinch's Mythology The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Foreign Languages

Enciclopedia Universal en Español. Online version of the Spanish language encyclopedia published by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Hispanic Heritage
 Music & Songs
BBCi Music- A Wide Variety of Genre- News, Reviews, Games, History, Performer Profiles, Links & More This Day in Music- from Billboard
Music History Links from UNC at Chapel Hill Top 100- Links to Lyrics Sites
Music Theroy Links from UNC at Chapel Hill Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Sharon's Education Corner- Musicals, Jazz & Classical History of Rock 'n' Roll (1955-1963)
Lyrics.com- Lyrics plus Music Links  (*Warning- Pop Ups) History of Country Music
Lyrics Planet  (*Warning- Pop Ups) Center for Black Music Research
 Drama & Theater
History of the Theater
Aristotole  on Greek Tragedy
The Shakespeare Classroom
Classical Greek & Roman Overview The Cervantes Project
Medieval Drama Links
Eugene O'Neil Archive
Billy Rose Theatre Collection- One of the world's largest and most comprehensive archives devoted to the theatrical arts American Variety Stage 1870-1920-
Vaudeville & Popular Entertainment
American Theater Links from Big Chalk The Doolee Database of Plays & Playwrights since 1956
dmoz.org- Links to Theatre
Ancient Greek Theater
The Art of the Movies
Famous Locations- from Movies (search tool in upper left)
History of Movies & Links
Early Movie Clips
Yahoo Links to Movies & Entertainment
MovieThing.com   (*Warning- Pop Ups)
The Internet Movie Database    (*Warning- Pop Ups) ipl.org (The Internet Public Library)- Movies
Movie Scripts - Drew's Script-O-Rama filmsite.org- "The Greatest Films"  (*Warning- Pop Ups)
Movie Scripts from Movie Page.com  (*Warning- Pop Ups)
American Film Institute
Movie Page.com  (*Warning- Pop Ups) Links to the  Major Movie Studios' Websites & more
dmoz.org-  Links to Movies
Center for Media Literacy
Radio & Television
Links to Radio & TV Stations- Local & Network Television History - The First 75 Years
100,000 Watts - US Radio & TV Directory History of Television Technology
Radio Locator- search engine >10,000 radio stations worldwide Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
The Broadcast Archive - Radio History on the Web

Radio History Time Line - 1200 B.C. to 2000 A.D. TV Acres- The Web's Ultimate Subject Guide to Television
 Program Facts (from the 1940s to the present)
History of Radio 1895-1945 Simply Scripts' - TV Scripts
100 Years of Radio- Italian Web Page (in English) authorlink.com's Topical Listing of TV & Movie Scripts
Radio Drama Production Famous Locations- from TV Shows (search tool in upper left)
Early US Broadcasting Networks All Your TV.com
New York's Historic Radio Row -
Future Site of World Trade Center
TV Production- A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext in
Studio and Field Production
The Museum of Radio & Technology Mass Communication- A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext
Classic Radio Gallery Center for Media Literacy
On the Shortwaves.Com
dmoz.org - Radio Links dmoz.org- Television Links